ArtStudio Pro vs Procreate | Which is Better?

Digital art has become very popular nowadays. It is a form of art that is created using digital technology. Many apps are used to create digital art on devices such as iOS, Android, etc. There is often a conflict about which app to use for this.

Two of the best apps for digital art are ArtStudio Pro and Procreate. Both are amazing at what they do. And some distinguishable features of each of them might attract some people to only one. But ultimately, you have to choose one of these two apps that fulfill your needs.

In this article, we will discuss ArtStudio Pro and Procreate in detail and help you choose one for your digital art journey.

ArtStudio Pro vs Procreate

Distinguishable Features of ArtStudio Pro and Procreate

Since it is up to the user preference which app suits their need, we will only talk about the features that make them stand out from the others.

(A) Features of Procreate

Some of the key features that are better in Procreate are listed below –

1. Animation

There is a built-in animation feature in Procreate where the layers act as frames. However, the frames are limited due to the limitation in the number of layers that are based on the canvas size.

Even when there is no audio support, there are other features such as onion skin, set background and foreground, the ability to change fps (Frame Rate), a clean timeline, etc. There are a lot of brushes as well that will help you make animations a lot more than other apps.

2. Interface

Aesthetically, Procreate stands out a lot more than other digital art apps. It is subjective, yet most users have mentioned how the user interface is much more user-friendly. The stacking feature in the gallery will most certainly catch your attention.

3. Performance

This is more like a plus point than a feature but Procreate is a very smooth app that rarely has any lags or jitters. It is very important for artists who do very intricate drawings. Every functionality and gesture is finely polished which leads to not having any performance issues while drawing.

4. Documents and Resources

Procreate is a very popular app among digital artists. Hence, it has a lot of tutorials available online. This is great news for beginners who have no idea how any of the tools work. And even the app Procreate has many tutorials and a handbook which will definitely help.

(B) Features of ArtStudio Pro

Now we move on to the features that make ArtStudio a great choice as well –

1. Adjustable Layers

Layers are used in digital art to give the drawing more life. In ArtStudio Pro, there are non-destructive and powerful layers. These can be used to make adjustments as well. you can even change the layers if you wish.

2. Wet Brushes

Two kinds of brushes can be used with ArtStudio Pro. Both brushes can be used together or separately to create different effects. The normal brush uses the opacity slider while the wet brush uses the flow slider.

3. Luminosity Lock

This feature allows you to lock the saturation and value when you are sliding to pick different colors. This is a very useful feature because you don’t have to set the values each time you pick a color.

4. User-Friendly Menus

The menus in ArtStudio Pro are very easily accessible and customizable. You can add almost anything to the top menu for easier access. And just like in a desktop app, all the menus float including text options, layer panels, color panels, etc.

Our Verdict

Both Procreate and ArtStudio Pro are great apps for digital art. Both apps cost almost the same so you can not go wrong with either one. While it is hard to say which one is better, we do think ArtStudio Pro is an underrated app and deserves a lot more praise. The wet brush feature alone can make a lot of people transition from Procreate.

So, if we had to choose one, we would go with ArtStudio Pro.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What program do most professional digital artists use?

Adobe Photoshop is still dominating the digital art industry as it is still the standard for creating digital art. Professional artists prefer it over any other app.

Is iPad enough for Procreate and ArtStudio Pro?

Yes, an iPad will be great for both of these apps. It has enough power to run both. And the 10.9-inch screen is a plus.


Lastly, the support teams are great in both apps. They are very helpful on social media and do a lot of free tutorials. So, if you’re ever stuck with a tool or run into some issues, you can reach out to them for a prompt response. We hope we were able to help you decide what to choose between Procreate and ArtStudio Pro. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comments section.

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