[Explored] Is Powerpoint Better Than Indesign?

There are certain times you get ideas that are not absurd, but the work of your mind. All these ideas, thoughts, and comparison sometime might even cloud reality.

One such incident would be comparing a presentation app with a design app. You don’t get it right? We are talking about Microsofts Powerpoint and Adobes InDesign. Is Powerpoint better than InDesign? Sure you can ask that, as you cant comprehend which is for what.

Powerpoint is a Presentation creation and obviously presenting software that includes slides, animations, videos, texts, and images. That’s its full function. InDesign on the other hand is a print media-creating software. Which deals with complex layouts, designs, and creating documents with information like hyperlinks and media. 

It still might sound a bit confusing, because it’s going the same way. We will explain further to make it more informative for you today. 

is powerpoint better than indesign

Is Powerpoint Better Than Indesign? | Totally Different Software

You can compare things that are the same. Or provide the same output. If they do not function or provide the same output, they are totally different. 

The same thing goes for Powerpoint and InDesign. Although they are from different developers, they also serve different functions.

Powerpoint, for instance, is a presentation software.  You can create slides, videos, add animations, and save them as PPT, PDF, text, or any document-related file. The sole purpose of Powerpoint is to present lectures, graphs, and meeting material. 

InDesign on the other hand is a totally different app. It works as a design software for layouts, design for longer documents like brochures, books, leaflets, professional print out, and digital media. In a sense, it is used for a bigger purpose by designers. 

While Powerpoint can be used by your teammates or classmates by sharing the same file, you can only work on it with similar software and edit the elements. Nothing more. 

InDesign on the other hand has a vast compatibility around all the Adobe Creative Cloud apps. You can take an InDesign file and edit it in Photoshop or Illustrator for more advanced and customized output. Keep in mind, you can design a whole book layout with InDesign, which may explain a lot about it. 

So, the main difference would be that Powerpoint is for presentation and slide show only, and InDesign is for bigger professional layout design. And both of them are best in their fields of work. 

And for your convenience, here is what Powerpoint and InDesign are best used for at a glance. 

Microsoft Powerpoint 

  • Best for creating presentations.
  • Animations and transitional slides.
  • Collaborating presentation with others.

Adobe InDesign

  • Best for creating high-quality print materials (Digital and print media), magazines, books, and brochures.
  • Easy to manage complex layouts of multiple pages at once.
  • Adding interactive hyperlinks and media to the documents.
  • Working on them on different apps like Photoshop and Illustrator. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

Is PowerPoint good for designing?

No. PowerPoint is good for creating presentations and slides. It cannot design anything other than creating presentation material. 

Do professionals use PowerPoint?

Yes. Professionals use Powerpoint to create presentations for their meetings and present anything related to their field. There are also designated professionals who have expertise in making presentations for you. 

Does anyone still use InDesign?

Yes. InDesign is still used by graphic designers for print layouts, documents, and book design along with other designs. 


There is a saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its covers’, which we all have used once or twice, even got it wrong. The same thing goes for Powerpoint and InDesign. Two different apps survive two different purposes, which they are best at. So use both of them, for your needs, and they won’t disappoint you. 

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